¿Is a global surveillance still valid and feasible?


  • Stefano Campostrini University Ca' Foscari of Venice, Italy


More and more health problem are becoming global. Also with regard to NCDs, the words “global epidemic” (e.g. for obesity, luck of physical activity, etc.) are often used. Recent years have seen also emerging global solutions (interventions, programs, approaches) for these problems. But, quite often, the global approach lacks global information. Certainly to find ways of comparison is not an easy task, and the perfect comparable data constitutes in most cases a myth; still, a lot can be done. Investments are needed more on the analysis and data linkage front, more than on that of data collection: new and old sources of data are more available when, instead, quite often we lack resources and capacity to analyze them and to make this information useful for public health action and health promotion.