Measuring subjective wellbeing in a surveillance system: ¿who are these people who are positive?


  • Eleonora Dal Grande
  • Anne Taylor
  • Tiffany Gill


Background: Promo ng and improving the wellbeing (and happiness) of the general popula on is emerging as a public health priority globally and a key societal aspira on. Countries are including measures on wellbeing to supplement tradi onal measures of economic growth as an indicator of na onal prosperity. Including ques ons on subjec ve individual wellbeing can be useful to measure and can be included in a surveillance system. These ques ons can provide an overall assessment of how people are doing and take into account of what people decide for themselves is important beside health. It can capture the meaning and purpose in life which is not covered in current “nega ve” ques ons such as psychological distress. Purpose: To assess the performance and associa on of subjec  ve wellbeing on a range of socio- economic status (SES) and inequali  es indicators.





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