Health promotion beliefs and involvement among hospital pharmacists in Lagos State


  • Aina B A
  • Ewedairo OO


Background: The number of chronically ill pa ents and pa ents with non-communicable diseases are increasing rapidly. This is partly due to unhealthy  lifestyle  prac  ces  (Geense  et  al,  2013).  The health promo  on  services expected from pharmacists include provision of advice on healthy living and self-care and involvement in health promo on campaigns (Eades, Ferguson & O'Carroll, 2011) There is limited data available regarding the  ac vi es of hospital pharmacists in health promo on. Purpose: The objec ves of this study were to determine the beliefs and how much importance is a ached to the promo on of certain health-related behaviors and extent of involvement in promo  ng it by hospital pharmacists prac  cing in Lagos State general hospitals.





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