Pre-service English teachers’ strengths and challenges when reading and writing


  • Angela Yicely Castro Garcés U. TOLIMA


Reading scientific or literary works and developing academic writing in English can bring up challenges for students no matter their language proficiency. This article is the result of a research study carried out with a qualitative approach at the B.A. in English at Universidad del Tolima. It aims at illustrating the strengths, challenges, conceptions and expectations of a group of pre-service teachers and at fostering the use of strategies that can help them re-shape their conceptions in a reading and composition class. Different approaches were used in order to help learners reach their goals, including the use of portfolios and metacognitive strategies. At the end, it  was  evident  that  most  students’  perceptions  about  reading  and  writing  changed significantly.  Students  acknowledged  that  this  process  helped  them  change  their attitudes and perceptions, value their background knowledge, gain new knowledge, and trust their abilities to become better readers and writers.

Biografía del autor/a

Angela Yicely Castro Garcés, U. TOLIMA

Magister en Enseñanza del Inglés. Profesora, Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación, Universidad del Tolima. Investigadora del Grupo de Investigación en Didáctica de las Lenguas, Universidad del Tolima, Colombia.





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